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Człowiek Orkiestra - Tadeusz Walewacz

    I suffered three strokes. I had to learn to speak, read and pracise playing the accordion from the very beginning. Thanks to my fierce determinantion, iron will to live and strenuous but really successfull rehabilitation, I can compose and record CDs. My great passion for playing the accordion kept me alive and gave strength to fight for recovery. I am aware of the fact that people need great psychological resistance not to break down but hold a strong belief that although overcoming their illness is a great challange, it is really possible. Considerable support and understanding provided by people's family and friends encourage the ill to keep trying to fight for their lives. Here I would like to ask all people in the world for their moral support so I could write and record compositions until I completely recover or even longer.


   My message for people suffering from this illnes is: Do not give up - it is really worth fighting for your lives - I am the best example. If you hear me playing the accordion, it will mean that such a miracle may happen and people need to fight for their recovery not only for themselves but also for their relatives. I believe each person has boundless energy which needs to find its outlet. A lot of health and good luck.  



    The man of the orchestra

    mgr inż. T. Walewacz

    Lomza - Poland




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